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Endow Your Gift

With your gift to the St. Vincent de Paul endowment . . .

  • The things you hold dear, your values and beliefs . . .
  • Your impact on our community . . .
  • Your tangible, financial support . . .

will live forever.

With an endowment gift, you can provide "forever funding" for St. Vincent de Paul's mission to feed, clothe, house, and heal.

And right now, your gift will count toward St. Vincent de Paul's LIFT campaign, which seeks to build and celebrate deeper connections between those in need and those who can offer support—because part of being human is that we all find ourselves on both ends of that equation at some point in our lives.

Through the LIFT campaign, by 2026—St. Vincent de Paul's 80th anniversary in Phoenix, we seek to emerge with an $80 million endowment that will ensure the availability of care, compassion, and connection for generations to come. We hope you will join us!

How does an endowment gift work?

An endowment gift means that St. Vincent de Paul will hold onto your gift forever. Through responsible fiscal management, St. Vincent de Paul will gain investment income from your gift—and we will use that annual income to help people in need, families in crisis, and communities at risk.

How do I know if an endowment gift is right for me?

You might consider a gift to the SVdP endowment if:

  • You are thinking about how to help St. Vincent de Paul for generations to come.
  • You want to direct how St. Vincent de Paul will use your gift for years to come.

Can I set up an endowment in the name of my family or a loved one?

  • An endowment in your family's name is a lasting symbol of your commitment to the causes you hold near and dear to your heart.
  • Honoring a loved one by establishing an endowment in their name is a wonderful way to remember their legacy.

A named endowment is an appropriate choice if:

  • You want to share your values and beliefs with members of your family.
  • You want to be involved in how St. Vincent de Paul uses income from your gift.
  • You want your family involved in how St. Vincent de Paul uses income from your gift.
  • You want others—family or friends—to be able to add to the gift you initiated.

For more information on establishing a name endowment, please contact us.

What are the benefits of an endowment gift?

  • Your gift remains "whole" forever and St. Vincent de Paul receives annual income in perpetuity.
  • You direct how St. Vincent de Paul uses the income—to support its areas of greatest need, or perhaps for a specific program that is close to your heart.
  • For generations to come, your family will know—and can be involved in—what was most important to you. Like your gift, your values and beliefs support our work forever.

What about my annual giving to St. Vincent de Paul?

If you already give to St. Vincent de Paul every year, thank you! You might want to consider how you can make your annual support continue after you are gone.

To do that, you can simply "endow" your annual gift by making a gift to St Vincent de Paul's endowment that will produce annual investment income equal to the amount of your annual support. For example, if you give $1,000 per year to St. Vincent de Paul, an endowment gift of $25,000 is enough to ensure that St. Vincent de Paul receives $1,000 per year even after you stop giving.

"Endowing your gift" is a great way for you to provide a reliable source of funding that helps St. Vincent de Paul meet our community's most urgent needs.


Join us.